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TillväxtGruppen… Your partner on the Swedish market with local know-how when it comes to

  • Structural Transactions
  • Strategic Company Acquisitions in-english
  • Increased Ownership
  • Alliances/Partnerhips
  • Company Transfers
  • Growth Capital, private placement

Principally in the production industry, agency/import businesses, wholesale, trade and service companies, with the main objective of "creating value growth" through company acquisitions, alliances/partnerships, and joint ventures. Supply "growth capital" through increased ownership in the way of private placements and whole or partial "added values" generated from company transfers.

M&A TillväxtGruppen AB is an independent group of companies striving to supply our client’s growth creating solutions. International mergers and acquisitions are made in cooperation with joint partners.

TillväxtGruppen are specialised in company search. Business conditions can change and we know the Swedish market after twenty five years of company search with proven search techniques.

Growth strategy through company acquisitions

Success during company acquisitions may be completely dependent on whether there is an established long-term plan and takeover strategy or not. Acquisitions should be seen as a part of a company’s strategy and are a means of long-term accomplishment. To have a successful strategy, there should be clear goals as to what is to be gained. To create growth through company acquisitions, correctly executed and accomplished, can be the most effective and fastest way to expand compared with growing organically and to increase the value of the own company.

TillväxtGruppen can represent a buyer throughout the entire takeover process, assisting in establishing strategies and search profile, market canvassing, contacts, negotiations, due diligence, consequence analyses, purchase/price constructions, contract designing and actual takeover formalities.

Company search the past twenty five year for clients…

TillväxtGruppen are specialised in company search. Business conditions can change and we know the Swedish market after twenty five years of company search with a proven search techniques.

  • Agency business
  • Chemicals
  • Computer-market
  • Components
  • Electronics companies
  • Electrical equipment
  • Engeneering
  • Food & beverages
  • Import business
  • Industrial products
  • Industrial techniques
  • Knowledge enterprises
  • Machine companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Mechanical Treatments
  • Materials
  • Measurements
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Sales company
  • Service
  • Staffing firm
  • Technical trades

Company transfers

TillväxtGruppen can assist during the entire transfer process, from analysis, appraisement to finish off with the appropriate buyer. A timed and well planned transfer can be of crucial importance to a company´s worth. A stock market listing can be an alternative to selling and one way to gain profit in connection with a new share issue.

Strategic acquisitions with growth capital

Growth companies or other companies may have a need of growth capital to finance strategic acquisitions. Capital procurement can be realized in many different ways, from finding a part owner, ownership distribution through private placements, alliances/partnerships, joint ventures, etc. This can be the first step towards some form of stock market listing or just a way to grow at a faster rate.

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